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Writing Tips
For Kids


All writers need a notebook to keep track of their ideas.  Some writers use fancy notebooks decorated with sparkles and glitter.  Other writers may use a simple tablet or small notepad.  It’s important to find one that works best for you.  You can personalize your notebook by dazzling it up with beads and pictures.  You can make it crazy or keep it simple…it’s up to you!

Once you have found the perfect notebook, you are ready to begin filling the pages with all of your writing and ideas, drawings and doodles. 

Remember to take your notebook with you wherever you go!  You never know where or when an idea might pop into your head.  It is important to write it down as soon as you think of it.   


Keep your eyes and ears open.  Whether you’re on vacation with your family, at school, or visiting grandma… Ideas are everywhere!  Sometimes ideas come to you while you’re listening to a new song, or tasting a new food.  They might even come to you while you’re doing your chores.  Always be ready to write them down.


An important part of writing is brainstorming!  Brainstorming is when you make a list of everything you love and know about.  Here are some examples that might make good topics for your writing:

Your dog or cat, frogs, butterflies, football, ballet, rainbows, school, ice-cream, cheerleading, owls, shoes, fishing. Everything and anything could be a terrific topic for your next story—even your brother’s stinky socks could be something silly to write about!


If you can’t come up with an idea of your own, or you want to grow your ideas:  READ!  READ!  READ!  All writers read a lot because growing ideas is a little like growing a plant.  Writers water and feed their brains by reading all kinds of books, stories, songs, and poems. 


The more you write, the better you will get.  So try to write something every day.  Remember, practice makes perfect.  


After you have finished writing (whether it’s a story, a song, or a poem), be sure to read it over and over again to yourself and out loud to a friend, teacher or family member.  This will help you to see if your writing flows smoothly and makes sense.


After you have written something you think is really good, you might want to get it published.  You can look for places online where you can send your work.  Some places will even pay kids for their writing!

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Do you have ideas swirling around in your head? 
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If so, then we have a few writing tips for you.  
When it comes to being a writer, there are several important things to remember.  
First, say to yourself, “I am a writer,” and second, do all the things that writers do.  
The tips below will help you along the way.
Happy Writing!
or anyone 
who wants
 to write

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Writing Tips
For Kids