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Meet Our Team
  1. Q. What do you get when you mix an educator, a musician, one misunderstood spider and lots of imagination?

  1. A. The recipe for learning  and fun!

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Known to many as the "Idea Lady," and fascinated by the scent of Scotch tape and endless "bouquets of sharpened pencils"... Lori knew she had to go into a field where she could put both her ideas and her office supplies to work… She became an author/educator and started an interactive learning company.

With a background in elementary education and psychology, Lori holds a M.Ed. degree in reading from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.  Earning numerous honors and awards for her works in the fields of business, writing, and education, Lori has a special interest in helping kids (ages 1-91) tap into the power of their imagination.

Lori is the co-founder of The Mill Street Writers of Danville, PA and a proud member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.


Lori Laniewski

 “Bringing everything I love together.”

Singer, song writer, and Touché EDI team member, Ted Yost takes claim to over twenty years of experience working in the music industry.  With national television appearances such as: CMT video of the year, Willi and Mary, and The Nashville Morning Show, Ted has received numerous awards for his works in the field of music and entertainment. 

Kids and adults alike have always been drawn to his musical stylings; so in a sense, nothing has changed as Ted adds educational music to his repertoire— except that his fans are now belting out words like “cephalothorax” and “spinnerets.” For Ted—a new passion as learning comes alive through music.

 “Rhythm and music make even the most difficult subjects fun to learn and easy to remember.”

Ted Yost