The Mr. Arachnid Project-
A one of a kind 
learning adventure!
The Mr. Arachnid Project-
A one of a kind 
learning adventure!
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Mr. Arachnid






The Mr. Arachnid Project is a project based on the factual song and fictional character Mr. Arachnid.  As a part of this project, students will make their own Mr. Arachnids to send through the mail to friends, family members, schools, libraries and/or perhaps, even to famous people.  Their learning experiences will depend upon how deeply involved you would like to get in the project and what direction you, their teacher, choose to take. 

After listening to the Mr. Arachnid song, have students create their own Mr. Arachnids (either by drawing their own or using the printable template).  Remind them to dress Mr. Arachnid in clothing that reflects the climate or weather of the area or region in which they/ you live.

Next, have students choose the person they want to write to.  Have students write a letter or story telling about their favorite adventure they have had with Mr. Arachnid.  Encourage students to be as creative as possible.  (You may want to have them share their completed stories with the class before sending).  Provide students with a rubric for evaluation.   

Use a map to figure out which direction Mr. Arachnid is going (i.e. Texas to grandma’s= South of Pennsylvania).  Use a paper map reproducible and instruct students to color and label the city and state from which they are sending their Mr. Arachnids.  Also, keep track of all the places Mr. Arachnid visits on a large classroom map.

Have each student address an envelope for mailing his or her Mr. Arachnid.  Be sure to include a second self-addressed stamped envelope for his return to your classroom or library.  Students will be very excited to learn about his traveling adventures!  

As a celebration, be sure to play the Mr. Arachnid song again while collecting all the envelopes for mailing.

Have students pack a paper suitcase for Mr. Arachnid and label what’s inside. 

Hmm, what would a spider with 8 legs pack?